June 26, 2014

Pro Series: Vintage String Synthesizer

Vintage String Synthesizer

     An attempt to emulate general behaviors of vintage string machines from pseudo DDOs, monophonic envelopes to phase locked pitch registers and characterful filtering topped with a detailed BBD ensemble effect.

    Instrument can be tweaked via the XY Performance controls, also, the modulation wheel (MW) is assigned to add phaser type modulation with after-touch assigned to the modulation speed of the phaser.

     Physical modelling is hard and time consuming work but despite that, the patch is offered for free, donations are welcomed.

     Download the patch from here.
     Quick audio demo going through some performance control combinations here.
     You'll need Zebra 2.7+, tips are found within the patch info.


April 1, 2014

Battery Leak - Soundset for u-he Zebra

     Battery Leak is a collection of 64 instruments inspired by the crunchy-smooth character of DCO synths such as the Roland Alpha Juno and dense digital timbres reminiscent of PPG wavetables, upgraded with a modern edge via Zebra's oscillator capabilities ranging in tones from detailed multi-PWM, rich hard-sync sounds and silky superwaves to solid EDM/rave with borderline chiptune crunch.

    Hard to define really... basically you're getting a diverse yet coherent, multi-range EDM orientated collection with a fair dose of niche and character. Also, the overall sound would be more like bright, digital and opened, rich in harmonics rather than heavily filtered, a little on the aggressive side but without sounding harsh, too hyped-up or distorted. 
      Not convinced, or the term EDM was too scary? ... have a listen to the audio demos: 

Sendy's cool, "transcendental meadow" piece
    ...quick run-through with most of the patches (temp demo)

November 9, 2013

LEVEL 3-E - Soundset for u-he Zebra

     LEVEL 3-E is a collection of 90 classic chiptune patches inspired by two popular game consoles from the late 70s and mid 80s. From arps, basses and leads to percussion and nostalgic sound effects, the pack contains everything you need to craft a fairly authentic sounding chiptune track.

July 13, 2013

Pro Series: Vintage Keyboards

     Vintage Keyboards is an attempt to accurately model some of the most popular and beloved electromechanical keyboards resulting in a clean and responsive blend, capturing more or less the good and "bad" magical essences that made the original models so famous.

Clip1 soon
Clip2 soon
Clip3 soon to update

May 15, 2013

Aesthetics - Soundset for u-he Diva

     Aesthetics is a collection of 64 instruments for u-he Diva, the idea being to create diverse, solid and playable, "sweet-spot" instruments, tweaked to perfection with no particular genre or style in mind.

July 2, 2012

Diva Personas - Sound Set for u-he Diva

     Diva Personas is a collection of 64 instruments ranging from dark contours to modern electronica and EDM, even pop and vintage nuances resulting in a fairly diverse set of sounds to work and/or play with, that almost certainly every u-he Diva user will appreciate.
     If the text description sounds in a way or another, have a listen to the audio demo to get a more accurate description...

February 14, 2012

Winter - Sound Set for u-he Zebra

     Winter is a collection of 64 expressive instruments with an overall icy-cold refreshing character not limited by any particular style or genre. Few instruments will have a slight EDM feel, although cinematic might be a good term to describe the overall collection.

January 29, 2012


        Hello... and welcome to my web-space! :)

    This is the place where I'll be releasing sound sets for various software synths.
    Occasionally, I plan to also be releasing all sort of useful or interesting stuff related to electronic music.
    No specific direction for this "blog" at the moment,  we just have to see where it goes...