May 15, 2013

Aesthetics - Soundset for u-he Diva

     Aesthetics is a collection of 64 instruments for u-he Diva, the idea being to create diverse, solid and playable, "sweet-spot" instruments, tweaked to perfection with no particular genre or style in mind.

     All instruments within this collection were created by 3ee and were optimized with modulation wheel and pressure controls. (exception, no control assignments for the Poly_String Chest2 patch)
      A list of the included patches can be viewed here.

     A healthy selection from the Aesthetics sound set is offered for free, not only for demo purposes but can also be used within your musical works. Get them here, but before anything, you might want to check out the short and to the point license agreement and terms or use.

     The instruments are grouped and optimized in traditional categories such as; bass, mono, poly, pad, sequence and sound effects, but of course you can try to use a bass as a lead and vice-verso for example, or change the voicing mode for any instrument.

     Draft mode: Since most of the patches sound the same in draft quality mode, I decided to mention the few that needed readjustment (as simple as lowering the filter resonance) instead of creating a separate version. Pad_Ench Swamp Kingdom, Pad_Halo Stream, Pad_Spring Winds, Poly_Orbital Sparks, Poly_Truffles Organ.

     So, I hope that you're enjoying the audio demo and the free instrument selection and finally, if you consider that the full sound set seem to be worth the reasonable price, you can purchase it below.

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After a successful transaction,  you should be redirected to the download link or a page where you have to  click on 
"Click Here for Your Download" to access the sound set, if for some reason you didn't receive the download link, 
please contact me!

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