November 9, 2013

LEVEL 3-E - Soundset for u-he Zebra

     LEVEL 3-E is a collection of 90 classic chiptune patches inspired by two popular game consoles from the late 70s and mid 80s. From arps, basses and leads to percussion and nostalgic sound effects, the pack contains everything you need to craft a fairly authentic sounding chiptune track.

     All instruments within this collection were created by 3ee and optimized with modulation wheel and at least a pair of XY performance controls. The full patch list can be viewed here.

     A healthy selection from the LEVEL 3-E sound set is offered for free, not only for demo purposes but can also be used within your musical works. Get them here, but before anything, you might want to check out the short and to the point license agreement and terms or use.

    The instruments are grouped and optimized in 5 categories such as; arp, bass, lead, percussion, sound effects, but of course you can try to use a bass as a lead and vice-verso for example. You'll also find deactivated modules which make a layer once active.

     So, I hope that you're enjoying the audio demo and the free instrument selection and finally, if you consider that the full sound set seem to be worth the reasonable price, you can purchase it below.

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After a successful transaction,  you should be redirected to the download link or a page where you have to  click on 
"Click Here for Your Download" to access the sound set, if for some reason you didn't receive the download link, please contact me!


  1. Excellent Soundset !!!
    Exactly what I was looking for !!!
    YOU WIN !!!

    1. Thanks man! :)
      glad you like it.